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The Ultimate California Travel Guide


There is a reason why California is often romanticized in movies and popular culture – it is bursting with sunshine, has an idyllic weather, a rich and diverse culture and a sense of adventure at every turn! From the abundant natural beauty, the world-famous theme parks, fascinating history, stunning National Parks, and adventurous hiking spots – there is so much that the golden state has to offer!

You’ll be amazed by the sheer natural beauty of the Redwood forests, The Joshua Trees, The Big Sur, and much more. And you’ll love exploring major cities every bit as much – from San Francisco and Sacramento in the north to San Diego and Los Angeles to the south. Add to these the amazing food, wonderful road trips, delightful camping spots, and the incredible sightseeing opportunities – California is definitely amongst the best destinations in the world.

Best Time To Visit

California is not a seasonal destination – it has so much to offer throughout the year and there is something to enjoy in every season. Much of the state attracts a pleasant Mediterranean climate, with warm, sunny summers and cooler wet winters.


This Ultimate checklist will help you on your next California vacation. Take these printable checklists with you to tick them off your travel list !!


Californian Cuisine

California’s cuisine is a bit specific because it incorporates the influence and the taste of Latino, Spanish, and Asian cuisine

Northern California has a lot of wine regions; hence, their food is influenced by Italian and French cuisine. On the other hand, the southern area is full of drive-ins and fast-food restaurant chains. For Hamburger fans, In-N-Out Burger chain, Get your burger animal style (with secret sauce and grilled onions) and your fries well-done.

Of all American desserts, the apple pie has a distinguished place. But California’s apple pie is something even more special, offering a delightful twist to this American sweet with years of tradition and history. Vegans will not stay hungry in this state, because here you can even find plenty of options, from vegan mac and cheese to plant-based alternatives to popular meat dishes. Seafood lovers should not miss trying out the fresh Pacific Oysters and Crabs. If you fancy burritos and french fries, you’re in the right place – because you can get fries wrapped in a delicious burrito, and the best place to try this is at California burrito. For Hamburger fans, In-N-Out Burger chain, Get your burger animal style (with secret sauce and grilled onions) and your fries well-done.

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